spiceolife Cavalier King Charles Spaniels piper and dickens
My husband and I acquired our first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Dehra Holly of SpiceOLife, CD in 1996 and she obtained an obedience title. I put an AKC championship title on our second cavalier, Dehra Tobias of SpiceOLife, who we purchased in 1997. I was fortunate enough to show him at Westminster in 1999. It was a great experience just to be there with all the beautiful dogs. As of this writing, Sept. 2009, they are still with us. Holly is 13.5 years old and Toby is 12.5 years old.

Holly produced a litter in 1999 and we kept two puppies. SpiceOLife Sir Gareth (Gareth), who is now an AKC and Canadian champion and his sister, SpiceOlife Morgan LeFay (Morgan), who is an AKC champion. Gareth got his Canadian championship points in just three shows and went on to win BOB several days in a row. Morgan won Best of Opposite to Best in Puppy Sweepstakes at the American Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club in 2000.

Morgan produced a litter in 2003. We kept two puppies, SpiceOLife Tale of Two Cities (Dickens) and SpiceOLife Great Expectations (Piper). Dickens received his AKC championship in 2005. Dickens also has a RN title in Rally and one leg toward his CD title in obedience. Piper just needs a major to finish. She took time away for puppies.
spiceolife Cavalier King Charles Spaniels piper and morgan
At present, I am showing a youngster, SpiceOLife Like a River (Brooke), who is Holly's GreatGranddaughter, Morgan's granddaughter. She is our fourth generation. She won a major out of the puppy class.

All of the points and titles on these cavaliers are from owner handled.

We also have other great cavaliers who are a cherished part of our household. We have litters occasionally when we're looking to keep a puppy to show.

The other puppies go to pet homes with a spay/neuter agreement.

Below are our current cavaliers

~ Our Males ~

spiceolife cavaliers - CH. Stepamgar SpiceOLife Halt N Fire - Flash

CH. Stepamgar SpiceOLife Halt N Fire

spiceolife cavaliers - CH. Dehra Tobias Of SpiceOLife - Toby

CH. Dehra Tobias Of SpiceOLife


spiceolife cavaliers - CH. SpiceOLife Sir Gareth -Gareth

CH. SpiceOLife Sir Gareth


SpiceOLife Cavaliers - CH. SpiceOLife Tale Of Two Cities RN (1 CD leg) -  Dickens

CH. SpiceOLife Tale Of Two Cities RN (1 CD leg)


~ Our Females ~

SpiceOLife Cavaliers - CH. SpiceOLife Morgan LeFay - Morgan

CH. SpiceOLife Morgan LeFay


SpiceOLife Cavaliers - SpiceOLife Great Expectations (Major ptd) - Piper

SpiceOLife Great Expectations (Major ptd)


SpiceOLife Cavaliers - SpiceOLife Like A River (Major ptd) - Brooke

SpiceOLife Like A River (Major ptd)

Major pointed from puppy class

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